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My name is
Cosmin Albis

My name is Cosmin, passionate about capturing
the present, fixing the past and conquering the
future through photos.

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My name is Cosmin, passionate about capturing the present, fixing the past and conquering the future through photos.
In 2000, I left my country to travel and to know the world, wanting me stuff that did not caress my soul but made me even more confused because I did not know what I wanted. Travelling through Europe I decided to stop in the UK to identify myself and to choose my way on the stage of personal evolution. Being a very positive person in life, passionate about psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, and last but not least, the people of success and businesses, feeling the pleasure and love of motivating people.
In 2013, going through a major depression, I felt the passion of life through my veins shaking my soul and making me live in the present moment, enjoying everything that surrounds me and what life began to offer me.

Seeing the world differently through camera lenses and having the deep desire to learn day and night alone, everything about photography, retouched and edited in various and complex software such as Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom and more. I made the decision to study my business as one of the main aspects of human life, helping me to develop my abilities and good communication with the people I interact with, but also for developing my own business.
The photography helped me to see in darkness and to appreciate the light by capturing the present, to fixing the past and conquering the future.
Very proud of my Photo print and product based studio with the focus on creating beautiful arts and unforgettable memories for people, walls, portfolio, social media, etc.

You might be independent women, career driven who want to treat yourself and let your inner glamour kitten out.
You might be a model and want a stunning portfolio with boudoir, glamour or erotic portraits.
You might be a mother who is treated to a shoot experience by a friend or partner and your family wants to see you appearing in the photos, rather than taking
You may be a young woman who wants a formal portrait of a first dance on an event or a graduation celebration.
You may be over 50 and fabulous and would like to show the world exactly how fabulous you are.
We do our best to deliver the best photo service for you and we want to be the best version of our selves for you to be the best version you can be.
For booking, hire or for more information, contact me.

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